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Environmental Sustainability

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Many people think using a cardboard box once then disposing of it using traditional recycling methods is the most responsible way to help the environment. In fact, most boxes that are sent to the compactor or baler are actually being prematurely terminated. The process of recycling cardboard boxes requires a great deal of energy, chemicals, and emissions that have their own negative impact on our environment not to mention all the trees that still have to be cut down to make new boxes. Used Boxes Toronto feels strongly that it is better to reuse a cardboard box at least once before it is sent off to the mill.

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Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Does Your Company Generate Thousands Of cardboard boxes?

  We buy boxes! new or used cardboard boxes for a price much higher than what you would receive in the scrap corrugated market. Our bin recycling program Toronto will pick up these boxes at your plant and help your company set up a profitable recycling program. Every time one of your corrugated cartons is reused you are reducing your carbon footprint while generating more revenue for your company. 

Reused recycling program

Re-Used Recycling Program

 Have you thought about selling the empty cardboard boxes that your company generates daily for reuse rather than simply baling or compacting them? Our program will boost the revenue you generate from your scrap material, depending upon several considerations such as containers sizes, volumes, and logistics costs. We work with your plant production to reduce the collection process and make your operators more efficient to focus on what you do best!  On the purchasing side of the equation, buyers can save over 50 percent compared to the cost of new boxes that constantly keep increasing.    

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